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About the MindTime Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of the MindTime Foundation is to raise people’s awareness of the unique strengths and gifts that each individual brings to the world. Our basis for recognising these gifts is the theory of MindTime. A well-published scientific framework of human thinking.

We accomplish our mission directly through our profile tools, workshops and labs, webcasts, public speaking, and social media engagement.

We are a social impact initiative that blends economic sustainability with positive social impact values. We want to encourage economically sustainable efforts to leverage this new understanding and expand its adoption. We do this through creating alliances with like minded, purpose-driven networks.

Through an open innovation licensing program we enable adoption of the theory of MindTime, as simply as we know how, through our tools. We provide digital and analogue tools and publications to communicate what we know.

We engage equally with not for profit and for profit initiatives, as well as with social impact initiatives. When we engage in any way commercially, it is within our code of principals. Long term sustainability is a priority of the foundation.

The MindTime logo represents the union of every archetype. We believe it is possible for us to achieve a harmonious existence by understanding our differences. They are not truly such differences, it turns out, just different aspects of one thing: how the mind plays in Time.

6 core principles that govern our actions

For humanity

The MindTime Framework and supporting body of knowledge is offered to help humanity and can never be used in any way that might impinge on human rights, individual privacy, individual or collective freedom of thought, or common good.


The product of our work, such as it pertains uniquely to an individual, will always remain under their control. Explicitly, permission must always be sought from an individual by anyone wishing to use MindTime data in a personally identifiable manner.


MindTime as a brand establishes and represents a certain level of fidelity and accuracy in its expression of the MindTime framework of thought. All content presented to the end user which is not the product of the MindTime Foundation or its approved content developers (certification required), must be clearly marked as to its origin and purpose.

6 core principles that govern our actions


The MindTime Foundation embodies an open, collaborative development of the MindTime platform. The publishing of the MindTime Framework and accompanying body of knowledge is intended to foster an open sharing of knowledge. All derivative content created must be published under a attributed non commercial Creative Commons license.


The MindTime foundation is intentionally mindful in its embracing of new or not properly understood technologies. All adopters of MindTime specifically agree not to experiment with MindTime intellectual property or data in areas of development such as machine learning or artificial intelligence.


MindTime is an invitation to look at our world and our place within it differently. In keeping with this alternative point of view and its accompanying generative spirit, the MindTime Foundation wishes to establish itself as an economically self-sustaining organisation. We do this through developing economic networks that sustain all parties that add value to the whole.

Our Collaboratory

John Furey
John Furey
I’m involved with the MindTime Foundation because I believe in both the overarching mission and the work we do day-to-day. I find great fullfilment in the work and our team’s commitment to making it happen, everyday.

I bring value through my ability to hold our vision, steer our efforts and define our strategy along with the rest of the team. I’m also very involved with the development and creation of new products, educational content and the workshops and events we create.

It’s my hope to see MindTime become a universal language for people to understand people.

Anthony Smits
Anthony Smits
I’m a jack of many trades. I am a self-development writer, architectural designer and graphic artist and community builder. Not surprisingly I fall into the Future archetype, Visionary. I love the big picture. Is there any other picture?

MindTime has fascinated me since first learning of it from its founder, John Furey, in 2016. I am on board because of MindTime’s great potential to improve communication and understanding between people. Like the rest of the team, I’m called on to play many roles.

Celeste Brito
Celeste Brito
Mindtime has allowed me to understand people better and to better understand how I act and behave. Being involved in the translation of MindTime to Portuguese and using it within the private and professional arenas, has taken my understanding of collaboration, team effectiveness and impactful communication to a higher level. And… MindTime is fun!
Zdenko Ĉoriĉ
Zdenko Ĉoriĉ
My role in the MindTime Foundation is providing a technological part of the story – development of the MindTime API. Understanding other people, their thinking style and what drives them was always a challenge. MindTime helped me with that a great deal. I am sure it will help other people too.
Vincent J. Fortunato, PhD
Vincent J. Fortunato, PhD
Although our original nature is timeless, how we use our minds—how we think—as we interact in the world of time and with others influences everything we do: our perceptions and cognitions; the goals we set, our motivations and preferences; our relationships with others, and the personality characteristics we manifest.

I am fortunate to be a part of this and previous collaborations involving the development, validation, and publication of the theory of MindTime and profile instruments based on the theory. Unlike other personality taxonomies and instruments, all of which are descriptive in nature, MindTime is only one that actually explains why people are the way they are and behave the way they do. I am convinced that, in the near future, MindTime will be the dominant theory of individual differences.

Myrte de Jong
Myrte de Jong
My job at the foundation is administrative management and to support our people and processes wherever I can.

Working with the mindtime foundation has brought me the most wonderful insights about myself, my personal relationships and the people I work with. On top of that, it is amazing to work with a team of people that is highly aware of their own, and their team members thinking styles. It brings communication and mutual understanding to a whole new level. I feel very fortunate to work with great people who all believe in what the mindtime foundation wants to achieve: helping people understand people all over the world.

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