About the MindTime Foundation

Our Mission

The MindTime Foundation’s mission is to help people recognise and understand the unique strengths and gifts that all of us bring to the world. By applying the principles and ideas contained in the MindTime theory the nature of human thinking is revealed. The MindTime theory is a well-published scientific theory that proposes a time-based framework for understanding human thinking—perception, motivation, and behaviour.

To achieve its mission the foundation has developed digital and analog tools that measure and map individual human thinking. Through workshops and labs individuals, groups and organisations can explore the implications of this far-reaching insight. We also engage in webcasts, educational lectures and public speaking.

Founded as a social impact initiative, the foundation blends economic sustainability with positive social impact values. A key element of the foundation’s work towards achieving this economic and social sustainability is to encourage independent commercial and noncommercial efforts to leverage the MindTime body of work thus expanding its universal adoption.

We enable the adoption of the MindTime theory through an open innovation licensing program and providing access to our tools and content. Learn more about our API.

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6 core principles that govern our actions


The MindTime Foundation is intentionally mindful in its embracing of new or not properly understood technologies. All adopters of MindTime specifically agree not to experiment with the MindTime intellectual property or data in areas of development such as machine learning or artificial intelligence.


MindTime is an invitation to look at our world and our place within it differently. In keeping with this alternative point of view and its accompanying generative spirit, the MindTime Foundation wishes to establish itself as an economically self-sustaining organisation. We do this through developing economic networks that sustain all parties that add value to the whole.


The MindTime Foundation embodies an open, collaborative development of the MindTime platform. The publishing of the MindTime Framework and accompanying body of knowledge is intended to foster an open sharing of knowledge. All derivative content created must be published under a attributed non commercial Creative Commons license.

For humanity

The MindTime Framework and supporting body of knowledge is offered to help humanity. It can never be used in any way that might impinge on human rights, individual privacy, individual or collective freedom of thought, or common good.


MindTime as a brand establishes and represents a certain level of fidelity and accuracy in its expression of the MindTime framework of thought. All content presented to the end user which is not the product of the MindTime Foundation or its approved content developers (certification required), must be clearly marked as to its origin and purpose.


The product of our work, such as it pertains uniquely to an individual, will always remain under their control. Explicitly, permission must always be sought from an individual by anyone wishing to use MindTime data in a personally identifiable manner.