Working from home with your significant other

“Working from home with your partner might be fun for a few days (Lunch dates! Early dinners with no commutes!), but it could become a strain on your relationship after a while.“The central task of any marriage is the management of differences,” said Anthony Chambers, couple and family psychologist and chief academic officer at The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

“Couples who are together now 24/7, any differences can become magnified. Often times when we stay away from each other for eight to 12 hours a day, that helps manage those problems.””
The above is a quote from an article published by CNN Business online on April 1st 2020. It is no joke. Yes, the management of our differences is key to maintaining our mental health right now.
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Knowledge, in relationships, is like the oil in an engine. It makes for less heat and more power, to you.

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