WordPress Plugin

The MindTime WordPress plugin was developed to help WordPress users who may not have the skills or resources to integrate our API into their website. Think of it as the WordPress interface to the power of our API for WordPress users.

The plugin allows a WordPress publisher to easily and seamlessly embed the MindTime Survey, results reports, and various visualisation maps into their website. This achieves two goals. It provides a valuable experience for site visitors which can be endlessly enriched with new insights and stickiness. And, it amplifies greatly a publisher’s audience intelligence. Win-win, because, a publisher, such as a blogger, who knows and understands their audience through the MindTime lens, will have the ability to truly understand their audience’s needs and preferences, and what makes each audience member different. That makes for more targeted and interesting content and user experience.

For example, simple integration of the MindTime WordPress plugin results data with Google Analytics custom variables provides a wealth of information about how different thinking styles navigate and behave on the site. This allows a publisher to identify potential problem pages and even content. Retention and stickiness are about knowing how people think. MindTime provides you with this knowledge without having to map every visitor’s thinking style. This is because MindTime is a framework that explains thinking. Even a small sample of a site’s visitors can provide immensely valuable insights into what they need and how to engage with them more effectively.

Included in the MindTime WordPress plugin download:

  • the plugin;
  • results text files, which can either be used as the basis of customised results (which must state this fact clearly), or as presented (the same as we use on our own website);
  • a selection of info-graphics (location in the map of the world of thinking, intensity graphs, archetype badges, etc);
  • our terms and conditions, installing the MindTime Plugin means you’ve agreed to our terms and conditions;
  • and, instructions for installing the plugin and signing into the API encrypted key which will power the plugin sessions.
Audience distribution map

The plugin dashboard allows the publisher to see basic visualisations of their audience distribution across the MindTime Map. Various reports are available that describe audience composition. Useful insights that can be used to interpret audience distribution are also included in the package.

Predictive thermo map
Audience density and distribution map

Current state of plugin development

At this time we only offer the plugin on an as is basis, without support. We are actively seeking to build a user community around it with a view to making it open source once a direction has been set by the early adopters who’ve helped develop it.

All uses of the MindTime API and WordPress plugin must be fully in compliance with either GDPR or the prevailing laws governing privacy, and state clearly for what purpose data is being collected and how it can be deleted by the end user.

For more information about the MindTime Plugin please contact us.