MindTime® For Human Development Professionals

MindTime® For
Human Development

Empower Your Clients to Transform and Succeed

“Of the hundreds of profiles I have taken and been trained on MindTime® is the most effective and has the highest face validity.”

Randy Austad, Profiling Expert, Author of Follow Your Calling.

How would it be if in your first meeting with a new client you could reveal their
deepest motivations in such a way that they would quickly see themselves in a whole new light?

Map of thinking

Where in the World of Thinking are your clients?

Life Coaching

No change is possible without a clear understanding of what drives you to be and behave as you are are right now. Pick any point on a map as a destination and you can only get there if you know where you’re starting from.

MindTime is a powerful tool that reveals how a person’s thinking is essentially shaping their experience every moment of their life. Everything we do begins with a thought. Knowing how people’s thoughts are shaped is one of the most powerful and insightful things you can share with a coaching client.

The scientific grounding of MindTime will you give you the confidence to trust the insights and method provided. This, in combination with the depth of insight materials available to you and your clients, will change the way you think about people.

Relationship Coaching

Relationship coaches and their clients love MindTime’s simplicity and powerful insights.

MindTime quickly reveals the source of many misunderstandings and disagreements. It shows how people form their individual points of view and differences and how these lead to behaviour and communication style.

Above all, MindTime provides all kinds of relationship coaches with a simple, intuitive framework and practical tools that help their clients understand their differences and build bridges of insight and communication.

If you use personality assessments of any kind in your relationship work today, you will never look back once you’ve tried Satori Cards or Satori Online. A new generation of human insights tools.

Team Coaching

The predictor of a team’s success is its ability to effectively combine broad differences in thinking in pursuit of a common goal. MindTime has been used for over 20 years to build world-class teams. It provides team coaches with an intuitive, simple to adopt framework of how people think and collaborate most effectively given their unique differences, strengths and weaknesses. It also predicts where there are deficiencies and how to use the team’s strengths most effectively.

MindTime gives you the tools to realise a team’s fullest potential. It’s behind the success of hundreds of teams. Coach A, the largest and most respected coaching organisation in Asia, was so impressed by this approach that they translated the MindTime handbook, ‘It’s All About Time’ into Japanese.

Start Coaching with MindTime

Whether you use Satori Cards or the MindTime Survey, both deliver the essential piece of data necessary to understand a person’s MindTime Archetype. These will open a new and profound understanding in you of what makes a person think and behave the way they do.

Satori Cards are a coach’s wish come true.
Playing Satori with people is simple, effective and easy.
A game can last from 20 minutes to an hour or more and provides you and your clients with an intuitively accurate result and lots of powerful insights.

Reveal Your Client’s Thinking Archetype

Purchase enough Satori Card decks so that everyone can have their satori moment at the same time, deepening the impact. Simply consider the largest number of people you anticipate working with in a given session. For coaches, therapists and counselors, 2–4 decks are usually sufficient. For team leads and coaches, get a deck for everyone on your team.

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Understand MindTime Archetypes

As a coach start out by playing with Satori Cards to familiarise yourself with how to play and reveal your own archetype. Then download your Premium Archetype Handbook to learn about  your own thinking style and how it works. You should read the other Premium Archetype Handbooks so that you can support all of your clients with a clear understanding of their differences.

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