MindTime® for
people like you

MindTime® for
people like you

Excel In Your Personal Growth

“When I understood who I was, I understood what was possible. I could leverage my strengths and improve where I was weak.”

If you are committed to your personal development, Satori Cards will provide you with the tools and key insights into your thinking and behaviour, and anyone else’s you want to understand. It will reveal how your point of view on this world colours everything you do and say.

Want a taste? Try the MindTime Digital Survey, a brief online survey, to get some insight into your thinking archetype. Then buy Satori Cards, tools to explore the inner world of thinking in a new and profound way.

Learn to Understand Others

“When my husband and I played Satori Cards, we finally understood what really motivated us. Our relationship has never been better.”

Successful relationships are based on understanding and respect. Satori Cards are tools to explore the inner world of thinking in a new and profound way. They help you understand every relationship better, providing you with the tools you need to navigate differences and find value in their gifts.

Your Path To Succes in Work

“The MindTime Wheel of Collaboration is one of the most powerful collaborative tools I have ever had the pleasure of using.”

– Arthur H. Bell, PhD, Professor of Leadership and Management, School of Management, University of San Francisco.

Everyone has value to bring. The secret to happiness and success is knowing where to to look for the value in ourselves and others. When you’re aware of the value your colleagues bring—especially when it’s different from your own—you can partner with them to drive your mutual success.

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Your handbook to success

Why You Are You is a MindTime mini guidebook that offers a straightforward explanation of how your mind’s thoughts are shaped by time’s three perspectives.

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Understand the 10 Archetypes

You can read wonderful FREE insights about the 10 MindTime Archetypes here. However, if you really want to take life to the next level, the Premium Archetype Handbooks are your guide to personal success with your thinking. You can know your MindTime Archetype by either using the MindTime Survey or by playing Satori Cards.

Reveal Your Mind

Play Satori Cards now and reveal your MindTime Archetype. You’ll gain new insight into how you and others think and behave and why each of you are different from the other. With this insight you will navigate life with more pleasure and ease.

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