MindTime® is For People Who Want to Grow

Personally, professionally and in all of their relationships.


Transform Your Life

MindTime will completely change how you understand yourself, your relationships, and how you work. Whether you use Satori Cards or the MindTime Digital Survey, you will change your mind.

“Worth at least a year of therapy.” Jeff Sapperstein


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Use MindTime coaching tools, Satori Cards and MindTime Digital Survey, to help your clients understand how they can thrive in every aspect of their lives.
Beyond any personality profile/model MindTime provides you and your clients with a simple language and the tools to explore ‘beingness’ and human achievement in every walk of life.

“Of the hundreds of profiles I have taken and been trained on MindTime is the most effective and has the highest face validity.” Randy Austad, Profiling Expert, Author, ‘Follow Your Calling.’