We are offering 2 different webinars. Registrations are done using Eventbrite right here on our site.


For everyone who wants to use this powerful tool of insight in their lives personally or professionally

  • Learn why you are you
  • Understand the 3 human dynamics
  • Grow relationships
  • Improve role/job fit

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Team & Group AWARENESS

For everyone who wants to understand groups and help develop their full potential

  • Identify dynamics that are secretly underminning your group’s success
  • Turn pitfalls into levers to develop individual and group resilience
  • Learn how to align everyone’s thinking
  • Have more fun with your colleagues

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We’ve limited the size of our webinars because we want to make them intimate, interactive, and fun for everyone

ONLY 25 FRONT ROW seats and 25 VIEW ONLY seats

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MindTime Basics
September 23rd. 2021  12:00 EDT

Teams & Group Awareness
September 28th. 2021  12:00 EDT

Teams & Group Awareness
September 28th. 2021  18:00 EDT

Teams & Group Awareness
October 27th. 2021  18:00 AEDT

What is MindTime?

MindTime is dedicated to helping people understand people. It’s a revolutionary framework for understanding individual thinking styles, and a foundation devoted to furthering the science and education of its methods.

Your webinar host John Furey