Virgin Entrepreneur Blog: How start-ups are using algorithms to help them hire smarter

In his article “How start-ups are using algorithms to help them hire smarter” on Virgin Entrepreneur, Rich McEachran discusses how various startups use algorithms to support human resources activities.

Tai Alegbe, co-founder of Baacco, a service connecting consumers to speciality wine merchants, says he uses MindTime when recruiting:

“Our approach to bringing talent on board is based very much on thinking styles, as well as the more traditional factors… We’re big believers in a predictive analytics framework called temporal cognition. It ensures we’re working with, past, present and future thinkers.”

McEachran explains why:

“Past thinking tends to be reflective and is concerned with gathering data and drawing up conclusions. Present thinking is focused on observing the here-and-now. Future thinking is about considering outcomes and identifying opportunities for change.

Alegbe says that having a mix of thinking styles doesn’t just ensure that all the team are on the same page; it can help in every aspect of business, from engineering to B2B sales – even allowing the company to gain a better awareness of its target market.”

Alegbe agrees:

“This temporal cognition framework provides insights into a wide range of human behaviours, needs, preferences, perceptions and potential attention spans,” explains Alegbe. “As a result, we can look to measure and understand the potential relationships between our team members, their assigned roles, performance and job satisfaction. This means we can quickly and accurately understand where and if people may thrive within our company.”