MindTime Tools

Revealing the patterns in your world

It's easy to get started with MindTime. From online tools to books, playing cards to APIs, we make it easy for you to start using MindTime to better understand yourself, your team, and your customers.

You can start by taking the MindTime profile - it's always free for individuals and takes less than 2 minutes. We provide learning materials and workshop facilitation to help you and your team take things to the next level.

How do you think?

The MindTime Profile

Understanding how you think begins with the MindTime profile, our revolutionary thinking measurement instrument. You will gain an insight into yourself that, once revealed, will be instantly familiar but entirely new.

You can tailor the profile to suit your needs:

  • Choose a 9, 18, or 45 question profile improved speed or accuracy
  • Choose from 7 languages. More are being added all the time
  • Add you own survey items to provide powerful insights into how thinking patterns drive what matters to you most



Visualising Thinking

The MindTime Map



Our innovative map makes it easy to plot individuals, groups, and whole populations within the MindTime framework.

Visualise gaps in your organisation's thinking, uncover insights about your team's collaborative signature, and predict how your customers will react to your products and marketing.

Team & Organisation Mapping

Our advanced mapping tools give you a complete view of your organisation as a dynamic thinking system.

A systems view of organizations (even small teams) can unveil insight and predictive capabilities to strategic thinking, recruitment, role fit, and communication needs. Thousands of organizations around the world have mapped their people to harness their greatest asset, and avoid their riskiest pitfalls.

A MindTime group map enables organisations to value individual and collective thinking, whilst improving awareness and communication, with extraordinary results.

Audience Surveys

Our powerful, fully customisable survey platform gives you the clarity and confidence of understanding your customers in an entirely new way.

It offers the most advanced form of psychological audience segmentation available today and can be deployed as a standalone survey, or embedded into your own application.

Add your own questions and deploy a survey to thousands of participants within minutes. Then slice and dice the data any way you like and uncover the hidden motivations that drive how your customers think.

Custom API

Imagine having a better understanding of your customers' deepest patterns of thought and being able to apply that in your own business process or application.

Our advanced API delivers the power of MindTime to your systems, allowing you to seamlessly embed our powerful insights into your workflow.

Built on the latest technologies, and customisable to your precise requirements, the MindTime API puts the power of the MindTime framework in your hands.

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