By Yvette Lowes
By Yvette LowesGroningen, the Netherlands

Everyone Has Value To Bring

A valuable lesson

Everyone has value in life, this is a lesson I have learnt and would like to pass on.

But sometimes you don’t know where your value lies. Either because you’ve not yet discovered your talents or because you’ve not yet found your place (such as in an organization). Then it may be that you have the feeling that you do not belong, you’re estranged.

As a teenager I already knew that I was different, I didn’t feel at home in the gossip culture which I grew up in, I did not feel free at the school I went to and I was bullied because of my very long hair, and I did not feel at home where my constant flow of new ideas and the theatrical way I presented them was not appreciated.

I do not have to tell you that all this lead me to feelings of uncertainty and of insecurity.

During my adult life I learnt that being different also has its benefits, as I always knew how to walk new paths that led to many nice adventures. Because of my creative and open mindset I often exchanged small talk with strangers, very nice. And while talking with friends, I tried to help by thinking in new ways about things and providing new insights. Or, just sharing with someone ideas I also liked.

So I continued to go through life without understanding why I was different.

Until I discovered MindTime six months ago. I followed a workshop and learned that I am a Future thinker, a future-oriented thinker. What a feeling of recognition: I am not the one who lives by rules, I am not the one who uses facts as the basis of decisions, I am not the person for whom life must have a fixed structure.

I am the one in a team that comes up with ideas, I am the one who looks at it from a different angle, I am the one who is optimistic about challenges that come my way, I am the one who always finds a solution. I love to create new and exciting things and I really like a difficult challenge because I have to pull all of the creativity and inventiveness out of my hat. I have a vision and I pursue that.

I blossomed after this discovery. So much made sense. All the things I thought I had to be good at I can now let go of. For example, as a future thinker I understand that I will never become a highly knowledgeable scientist. It is so wonderful to be who I am and to know what value I bring to a team.

If a team is formed holistically, then that team would also has a Present thinker and a Past thinker. The three types of thinking complement each other seamlessly and all three have their own unique value to bring.

A question: what does your team’s thinking look like? Test what kind of thinkers you are here, or contact me about workshops or trainings given by the founder of MindTime, John Furey.

Note: The concept of MindTime originated 25 years ago and has a solid scientific basis.

Written by: Yvette Lowes