MindTime has come a long way over the past 23 years since its inception. This is largely due to the wonderful people who have supported the ethos and vision. Years of largely unpaid service have been contributed by everyday people who care deeply about making a positive difference to people’s lives.

Ten years into the mindtime project, this in 2005, Ketchum, Idaho, USA. (Shawn, Irwin, Vince and me sitting on skis).

One of the most extraordinary things to have happened is my own growth as a person in my realisation of who I am. That was the founding question that began my journey. Who am I? Today,I cannot imagine knowing myself without mindtime as a guiding idea that simply makes sense at every level of my knowing.

Another extraordinary thing to have happened is the full turn we’ve made. We set out to create a global standard to help people understand people. We believed all along that it would manifest in the digital realm, a world in which we are blind and senseless to each other in the most important ways, and one in which we are desperately in need of finding ways to build deeper connection and understanding about each other.

Nearly a quarter of a century later it is an analogue game of cards, a simply beautiful manifestation of MindTime through which we seem to be having the biggest impact on individual lives (we are currently prototyping this card game, below is an artists visualisation of the product).

This is not to say that along the way we have not touched many thousands of people; through our web presence, our workshops, speaking engagements and assignments. Not to mention our somewhat more colourful escapades.

We built the Mind’s Shrine at Burning Man. We’ve mapped thinking in 9 different languages and population groups. My 2nd. book is now published in Japanese. However, never have we seen the kind of impact this simple, game of cards is having on our friends and families.

We are crowdfunding in the fall 2017, register here to receive a reminder.

I hope you will support it. www.satoribox.com