Your MindTime® Thinking Style Report

Your Archetype:
The Leader

Core Needs – Intensity

Stability 0%
Possibility 0%

You seek:

  • Exciting opportunities
  • Open-ended projects
  • Opportunities to make a difference through action
  • Flexible processes

You avoid:

  • Researching
  • Detail-oriented tasks
  • Rigid thinking
  • Getting bogged down with facts

The true value of understanding your Thinking Style is that you will then understand your deepest drives and needs and hear everyone else’s points of view more easily:

  • Points of view are the result of our individual ways of thinking
  • Everyone has value to bring with their point of view
  • What seem to be differences between us are actually our individual ‘takes’ that all arise from one thing, our relationship with Time
  • Saying ‘from my point of view’ is like saying ‘using my Thinking Style.’

Core Needs – Your intensity measures

We all need security, stability, and possibilities. Depending on who you ask they will rank these needs in a different order of priority. This seems intuitive enough. What is perhaps less intuitive is that the reason why people rank them the way they do is driven by exactly the same motivating drives that shape the way they communicate, learn, grow trust, engage with other people and in their work. It is how we develop our individual point of view on the world around us. The MindTime Framework shows us how and why we think and behave the way we do.

Here is the degree to which each of these three perspectives influences your thinking:


This core need is responsible for:

  • How much Risk you tolerate (the higher the number the LOWER your tolerance)
  • How much Time you need to digest and internalize new information (the higher the number the more time you need)
  • How much Information you need to feel like you understand the risks (the higher the number the more information you need)

This core need is responsible for:

  • How much Chaos you tolerate (the higher the number the LOWER your tolerance)
  • How much Organization you need in your affairs (the higher the number the more organized you need to be)
  • How much you Invest yourself in security and long-term stability (the higher the number the more you invest)

This core need is responsible for:

  • How much Change you are comfortable with (the higher the number the greater your comfort)
  • How much appetite you have for pursuing Opportunity (the higher the number the more opportunities you seek)
  • How much Resilience you have for coping with adverse conditions (the higher the number the more resilience you have)

Layers of Insight

Your Thinking Style is responsible for many of your innate tendencies, the ways you go about doing life. Here are two layers of information laid on the MindTime Map of Thought. One is about how you approach learning and the other points towards the kinds of things that stress you.

In the book Why You Are You that you can download at the end of this report, you will find useful tables with lists of adjectives and other words and concepts which typify the characteristics attributable to each location on the map. These are very useful guides for how you can adjust your thinking when communicating and collaborating with people who have differing Thinking Styles from you.

Your preferred way of learning

What Stresses You


The gift of the Leader Archetype

The value of the Leader’s thinking lies in its ability to let go of the plan that was and see the one that needs to evolve. In other words, this thinking strategy is flexible and responsive to an ever-changing world. Leaders are masters of thinking outside the box. This is because they often play with boundaries, seldom choosing to walk or live within them. While they are careful to not upset the apple cart, at least not too often, they are always looking beyond the known, accepted, or planned for, strongly drawn to new opportunities unfolding in real time. Leaders often change their plans and invest themselves in pursuing these new emerging opportunities. They do so ever mindful of available resources, although ‘scrappy’ execution is often how they get things done. Their true gift is the ability to integrate ‘the status quo’ with what comes next; they foster a culture of dynamic and yet organised change.

For you, the importance of MindTime is that it provides you with an entirely new ‘system-level’ map to understand yourself and manage people and situations with. The more you develop your abilities at using the MindTime Framework the more powerfully you will manifest your vision.


Why You Are You is a mini e-book that offers over 50 pages of straightforward explanation and insights of how all your thoughts are shaped by time’s three perspectives. This e-book will answer these three questions and many more:

  • Why do you resist certain tasks and love others?
  • How do you form your point of view, on everything?
  • What can you do to supercharge your thinking assets and mitigate your deficits?

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Discover how to maximise your potential. Your MindTime’s Archetype e-Handbook offers over 45 pages of science-backed insights about your archetype, including:

  • How you think
  • How you make decisions
  • How you learn best
  • How you communicate (best) with others
  • How to tap into your full potential

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Combine your Archetype e-Handbook with the mini e-book Why You Are You.

Why You Are You offers an insightful introduction to MindTime and is a great foundation to understanding yourself as you read your Archetype e-Handbook.

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It’s All About Time is packed with powerful insights for leaders and coaches. It redefines collaboration and innovation as issues of human thinking in terms which are understandable by everyone. It provides a scientifically validated method to engage each and every person’s greatest value in the most effective role and sequence—revealed in Turning The Wheel of Innovation (chapter 7). Examples, exercises and informative illustrations have made this a go-to companion for team leaders, coaches and executives alike.

(e-book version)

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Even if you already know your MindTime Archetype, Satori Cards are a powerful tool for you to explore all aspects of your thinking perspective and how it shapes your experience in all possible life situations; how you engage with other people in your life; how differences in thinking perspectives affect all your relationships and influence the outcomes of all situations you encounter day-to-day.

By exploring with Satori Cards you will understand yourself, friends, loved ones, colleagues and team members better. You will discover:

  • how and why each person is different
  • how they bring value with their differences
  • how to avoid misunderstandings and conflict
  • how to positively engage with people’s differences in all aspects of your life
  • how to work with people more collaboratively using the Wheel of Innovation™
  • the kinds of things you’re naturally good at—your natural role—and what you’re challenged by

This is the complete MindTime Archetype e-Handbook collection for individual and family use*. It contains all ten archetype e-handbooks:

  • Past: Truth-seeker
  • Present: Organiser
  • Future: Visionary
  • Past-Present: Curator
  • Past-Future: Researcher
  • Present-Past: Engineer
  • Present-Future: Navigator
  • Future-Past: Explorer
  • Future-Present: Leader
  • Past-Present-Future: Connector

* Licenses for organisational use are available and are based on number of people.

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