The ten Archetypes

A practical shorthand

There are literally millions of possible degrees to which one can blend Past, Present and Future perspectives together, and all are represented in the MindTime framework and map of thinking. Each one highlights a specific possible combination of the 3 primary priorities of mind: Certainty (Past), Probability (Present), and Possibility (Future). These 3 priorities motivate all thought and shape all behaviour. Each of these possible blends is its own thinking style, usually expressed as a percentage of intensity for Past, Present, and Future. However, to make things more practical, we use the ten logical combinations of perspectives, see the table below, as the basis of the ten MindTime archetypes.

PerspectiveArchetypeQualitiesArchetype badge
PastTruth-seekerFactual,  quiet, informed, knowledgeable, skeptical, safe, fair, measured, priority driven
PastPresentCuratorLearned, categorical, gatekeeper, structured, disciplined, prudent, methodological
PastFutureResearcherReflective, independent, curious, analytical, deductive, reasoned, skeptical, idealistic
PresentOrganiserPredictable, stable, ordered, regular, organised, normalising, executor, conscientious
PresentPastEngineerAccurate, detailed, organised, structured, pragmatic,  reasoned, continuity-builder, diplomatic
PresentFutureNavigatorStrategic, goal-oriented, course setting, tactical, competitive, systematic, adaptive, problem-solver, gets it done
FutureVisionaryInventive, hopeful, charismatic, enthusiastic, flexible, imaginative, open, social, idea generator
FuturePastExplorerEntrepreneurial, curious, open minded, insightful, experimental, abstract thinker, skeptical
FuturePresentLeaderInspiring, action-oriented, producer, developer, innovator, course-setter, strategic thinking
PastPresentFutureConnectorBridge-builder, mediator, multi-faceted, communicator, consensus-builder, manager, versatile

Everyone has value to bring. Understand the role of each archetype.

Each archetype has strengths and weaknesses, and each may be better-suited or worse-suited for a given role. For instance, The Visionary (Future-thinking) may do a wonderful job of coming up with exciting new ideas, but they’ll need to rely heavily on Truth-Seekers (Past-thinking) to validate those ideas and on Organisers (Present-thinking) to make those ideas real and tangible. For everyone, understanding how each archetype contributes and how to relate to these very different thinking styles is crucial to success.


In The True Power of Time we present over 50 pages of straightforward explanation and insights of how all your thoughts are shaped by time’s three perspectives. This e-book will answer the following questions and many more:

  • How do I form my point of view and what is its true value?
  • Can I change my point of view?
  • How can I understand all possible different points of view within one set of terms and rules?
  • How can I best describe my point of view to others in such a way as to create collaboration and not conflict?
  • Is any point of view better than any other?

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Even if you already know your MindTime Archetype, MindTime Cards are a powerful tool for you to explore all aspects of your thinking perspective and how it shapes your experience in all possible life situations; how you engage with other people in your life; how differences in thinking perspectives affect all your relationships and influence the outcomes of all situations you encounter day-to-day.

By exploring with MindTime Cards you will understand yourself, friends, loved ones, colleagues and team members better. You will discover:

  • how and why each person is different
  • how they bring value with their differences
  • how to avoid misunderstandings and conflict
  • how to positively engage with people’s differences in all aspects of your life
  • how to work with people more collaboratively using the Wheel of Innovation™
  • the kinds of things you’re naturally good at—your natural role—and what you’re challenged by

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This is the complete MindTime Archetype e-Handbook collection for individual and family use*. It contains all ten archetype e-handbooks:

  • Past: Truth-seeker
  • Present: Organiser
  • Future: Visionary
  • Past-Present: Curator
  • Past-Future: Researcher
  • Present-Past: Engineer
  • Present-Future: Navigator
  • Future-Past: Explorer
  • Future-Present: Leader
  • Past-Present-Future: Connector

* Licenses for organisational use are available and are based on number of people.

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