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Level 1 MindTime Coach Certificate

The Game Changer. Learn how to play your cards right!


To achieve mastery in a something we do not need to learn a lot of new things, we need to understand the governing principles at work in that thing profoundly. Mastery in MindTime simply requires us to ‘see’ and understand people’s differences as the result of the fundamental influences of the three governing principles of time—Certainty (Past), Probability (Present), and Possibility (Future). Understanding how people are moved by their thoughts, literally motivated towards certain predictable behaviours (what is generally referred to as personality), is a wonderful life skill and professional competency. MindTime Master Classes take participants on a journey into the very nature of their own thoughts and perceptions by revealing the very mechanisms of all human thinking.

Learning to recognise how people move with their thoughts in time, allows us to anticipate differences, listen better, engage, and clearly communicate our own point of view without the unnecessary clashes that can occur when we simply don’t know or understand. Far beyond, and more fundamental, to our experience and individuality than the personality and individual differences models used by most, MindTime is a lifelong personal asset of immense value.

Immediate take-aways

You will gain basic fluency in the principles of MindTime and begin your own journey of mastery. Immediate take aways? You will learn:

• what shapes people’s points of view and how to listen to them and speak to them
• how to use Satori Cards to identify your own and other people’s thinking style (archetype)
• how to use Satori Cards in different situations to reveal thinking at work and how to solve challenges
• the basic principles of MindTime thinking that support a healthy use of this framework

“Playing Satori Cards turned lifelong struggles in my thinking into assets.”

– Marika Curganov

What you can expect in class, our way of mastery

  • The class is communicated through teaching, demonstrated example and hands-on experience, and story-telling
  • We learn about ourselves using MindTime-Satori Cards, a way to discover what makes us the way we are
  • We work in pairs and threes to experience leading the game of Satori and observing critically the efforts of others
  • Exploring the various ways and contexts Satori Cards and MindTime can be used makes the day impactful

You will learn:

  • learn what shapes people’s points of view and what they need
  • learn how to lead the playing of Satori Cards to identify people’s thinking styles and archetypes
  • learn two simple ways to use Satori Cards to improve all types of relationships
  • learn to communicate by engaging people in their thought process
  • learn how to play a winning hand every time

We hold masterclasses several times a year, please contact us to find upcoming dates.

To organise a masterclass in Europe for your organisation, team or department, please contact us.

A Masterclass typically lasts 7 hours (with an hour lunch break).

Custom Masterclasses, designed to solve specific issues, vary in length.

Masterclasses have a maximum of 15 participants.

Please contact us for fees, they vary on corporate status and location.

Case Study: Better Energy Systems

A frustrated team could not seem to rein in the creativity of their future thinking, visionary founder. He kept reinventing his original idea; kept changing things. The team, who were well suited to take the company to success and were exactly who the founder needed—analytical and process oriented thinkers—was frustrated and rebellious. He had hired the right team but was failing to open up the ‘space’ for them to do the necessary work of executing.

“I tend to be a skeptic. I’ve attended lots of collaboration/team-building workshops. But this got my attention like none other. It nails people’s work styles and the group dynamics. Fast, accurate, predictive, prescriptive and most importantly for me as a COO, actionable! This I recommend for any company.”

Scott Geary, COO
Better Energy Systems, Berkeley CA, U.S.

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