The True Power of Time is a mini e-book that offers over 50 pages of straightforward explanation and insights of how all your thoughts are shaped by time’s three perspectives. This e-book will answer these three questions and many more:

  • Why do you resist certain tasks and love others?
  • How do you form your point of view, on everything?
  • What can you do to supercharge your thinking assets and mitigate your deficits?
This ebook is licensed for personal and immediate family use only. It will be watermarked with your name and email address, and you may not share this handbook with clients, employees, or online. However, you may share it with your immediate family, including your partner or spouse, children, and parents. For all other uses, including all commercial use, please contact us to purchase our professional royalty-free library instead.

You may return the ebook at anytime within 30 days of ordering for a full refund by contacting us at

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