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  • Completing an insightful survey that reveals your thinking style
  • Reading an illustrated and detailed report of how you approach the world and your relationships, and much more
  • Gaining access to the members area of where we will share in 2018, years of insights, videos, white papers, research and more
  • 15% discount on the Satori Cards, a card-based discovery game that reveals the world of thinking around you

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MindTime Premium Survey

Purchase the MindTime Premium Survey to discover why and how you are you, and what makes you tick. Beyond any personality test (MBTI, DISC, Strengths Finder), the MindTime approach reveals to you exactly why you are you within the framework of time. The most intuitive method common to all humanity ever devised. And, it is backed by 20 years of good published science.

The MindTime Premium Survey is the fastest, most convenient way to map yourself in the world of thinking. This survey only takes 4 minutes and will immediately show you how you use the fundamental dimensions of thought: Past-Certainty, Present-Probability, and Future-Possibility, and how they form your point of view. How you individually combine these three dimensions of time forms your unique thinking style. With this information you will be able to read in depth reports about your way of thinking and learn about:

  • Your unique strengths
  • How to better navigate relationships
  • How to make better decisions
  • How you communicate more effectively with people
  • How to collaborate as part of a team and put your best self forward
  • How you are not your thoughts at all, they are simply your point of view

Why you should trust MindTime

We have helped over 250,000 people understand how their thinking style is the most important factor in their lives. The MindTime framework is scientifically validated, published, and peer-reviewed. We have been helping individuals and organisations unlock the power of effective thinking for over 20 years and been featured numerous times in the media.

Our past clients include: Google, Hult International Business School, UBS, Samuel Merritt University, Verisign, Wells Fargo, AT&T, BrandActive, Lucerne University, University of Zurich, and many more…


“I was amazed to discover the accuracy.” – Cliff Hakim, Author, Reinventing Work

“This was mind blowing.” Dr. Richard Jackson, Director, FIATECH

“Turned on the light.” – Cyndi Miller, Senior Manager, Financial Services

“Stunningly effective.” – Cameron Cooper, Business Owner

“Of the hundreds of profiles I have taken and been trained on MindTime is the most effective.” – Randy Austad, Profiling Expert and Author, Follow Your Calling

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