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MindTime Cards are scientifically validated and are based on the MindTime framework—a quantum leap beyond the power and depth of traditional personality tests. They are used by: coaches, families, business leaders, organisations, Agile trainers and teams, and people from every walk of life. By playing this game you will discover:
  • how and why each person is different
  • how they bring value with their differences
  • how to better navigate people’s differences in all aspects of your life
  • how to work together more collaboratively using the Wheel of Thought™
  • powerful new insights into yourself, friends, your boss, partner, parents and everyone else
  • what kinds of things you’re naturally good at and what you’re challenged by
  • how to listen to people’s different points of view and so communication better with them

Each deck of MindTime Cards contains all of the tools, instructions and knowledge you need to reveal and successfully navigate people’s differences by using human thinking more effectively.


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“Worth at least a year of therapy.”

Jeff Sapperstein, professor and author

“I was amazed to discover the accuracy.”

Cliff Hakim, author

“Playing the cards turned lifelong struggles in my thinking into assets.”

Marika Curganov, PhD


Frequently asked questions

What are MindTime Cards?
MindTime Cards are a beautiful expression of the golden thought: everyone has value to bring. They can be used alone, with another person, or in a group.

They reveal the forces behind many of our individual differences as people, our patterns of thought. With MindTime Cards you can explore how those patterns of thought behind each person’s thinking affect their motivations and how they behave. With this understanding, we can communicate better and connect more deeply with the people around us.

Our thinking patterns are responsible for our ‘style’ or way of being in life. They tell us:

  • what we think is important
  • how we relate to others
  • how we communicate
  • what we need to feel safe and secure
  • how we organise our lives (or don’t)
  • and many other aspects of what we know to be ourselves and how we are in the world.

Are MindTime Cards a game?
Not really, there’s no winners or losers. MindTime Cards are grounded in real research, science and ancient philosophy. It is a practical, step-by-step way to get to know your own thinking. When you play it with 2 or more people it will give you a language and framework to understand how you each ‘show up’ and interact in the world.

Who are MindTime Cards for?
There really is never a time when knowing yourself is not a useful thing to know. MindTime Cards are for everyone who wants to improve their experience of life and become more valuable to themselves and others.

How do I use MindTime Cards?
MindTime Cards help you to explore how our thinking is driving our experience and more specifically, the quality of that experience. The specific way you use the cards will depend on if you are playing by yourself or with others and what your questions are. What you can learn about yourself and other people is only limited by your imagination. MindTime Cards provide you with the tools to inquire, you provide the mind doing the inquiring. Visit the application page to learn how to use MindTime cards for individuals, pairs, or groups.

How many players does the game support?
As many as want to play and you have MindTime Cards for.

How long does it take to play one game?
That’s really hard to say. It depends on the amount of players, but also how much enjoyment and exploring you can handle. You can take 20 – 30 minutes, or 3 hours. It’s up to you.

What is the age range?
Currently MindTime Cards are geared for 16 years and up. We will be developing versions for younger audience in the future. Interested? Let us know.

Is there a learning curve?
Not as steep as learning how to navigate the world half blind to what’s really going on. You learn as you go, it’s not that hard, but it does give you immediate insight and a clearer view of your life.

MindTime Cards are printed and shipped from Italy. 100% of your purchase proceeds benefit the sustainability and mission of the MindTime Foundation, a Dutch non-profit.

Please contact us for pricing on orders of 50 MindTime Card decks or more.

Your handbook to success

E-book: The True Power of Time is a MindTime mini guidebook that offers a straightforward explanation of how your mind’s thoughts are shaped by time’s three perspectives.

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The 10 Archetypes

You can read wonderful FREE insights about the 10 MindTime Archetypes here. However, if you really want to take life to the next level, the Archetype Handbooks are your guide to personal success with your thinking. You can know your MindTime Archetype by either using the MindTime Survey or by playing MindTime Cards.

Buy your Archetype Handbook
Reveal Your Mind

Play MindTime Cards and reveal your MindTime Archetype. You’ll gain new insight into how you and others think and behave and why each of you are different from the other. With this insight you will navigate life with more pleasure and ease.

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