MindTime®  Archetype Handbooks

The MindTime archetype handbooks* offer over 30 pages of science-backed insights, including key insights the archetype needs when relating, collaborating, and innovating with every other archetype. Handbooks can purchase as single handbooks (personal use), or in sets of the complete library for professional or private-labeling/branding.

Each archetype handbook covers:

A guide to your thinking
  • How are you thinking?

  • How you make decisions

  • How you learn best

  • Communicating with others

  • Tapping into your full potential

The link to your emotions
  • How are you feeling?

  • Love and romance

  • Your flow

  • Things that make you go “Ouch!”

  • Time for Growth?

*e-book version

The True Power of Time

The True Power of Time is a mini e-book that offers over 50 pages of straightforward explanation and insights of how all thoughts are shaped by time’s three perspectives.

This e-book will answer these three questions and many more:

  • Why do you resist certain tasks and love others?

  • How do you form your point of view, on everything?

  • What can you do to supercharge your thinking assets and mitigate your deficits?

It’s All About Time

It’s All About Time* is packed with powerful insights for leaders and coaches. It redefines collaboration and innovation as issues of human thinking in terms which are understandable by everyone. It provides a scientifically validated method to engage each and every person’s greatest value in the most effective role and sequence—revealed in Turning The Wheel of Innovation (chapter 7). Examples, exercises and informative illustrations have made this a go-to companion for team leaders, coaches and executives alike.

*e-book version