MindTime®  API

The MindTime API delivers the power of the MindTime Theory in a tangible form—survey, results, content, session data. The API provides only a unique user ID to connect data to the outside world. We store no user-identifying data, only results connected to a unique ID; we are not in the data-mining business. Nor do we ever sell data. Only licensees can access data collected by them.

The MindTime API integrates easily into existing platforms and workflows. This allows applications developers, web developers, HR/IT professionals, and educational institutions to seamlessly embed its powerful functionality into their workflows and environments. MindTime’s API is being used successfully to identify and understand individual differences in thinking styles in organisational settings as well as in the audiences they serve. MindTime is also being used by organisations to help them rethink their business processes and structures.

Swiss software developers found novel ways to embed MindTime’s unique capabilities into their products delivering a force-multiplying effect on success. MindTime’s API is built using the most solid technologies. The API’s simplicity and functional utility are founded on 20+ years of experience building software and delivering solutions to our partners. For more information and an understanding of our use parameters and terms of use, please contact us. We only offer licenses to applicants who agree to be bound by our core principles.