MindTime as a Player-Type Framework

Zen Trenholm wrote an article about using MindTime as a player-type framework on Yu-kai Chou’s blog (Yu-Kai was voted Gamification Guru of the year by peers and clients in 2014 and 2015). Building on Octalysis, Yu-kai Chou’s Gamification framework, Trenholm compares each of the Octalysis drives to the thinking styles presented in MindTime. He concludes:

An Octalysis final score would provide information about how balanced the game is in terms of engaging the eight core drives of players. However, the profiling insights of a MindTime analysis would give a more in-depth look into the thought processes of players and therefore these nuances can be integrated into specific aspects of the game design.

Read more about using MindTime to augment the Octalysis framework, here.