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Everyone Has Value To Bring


Are you truly tapping into your company’s innovative potential? Or are you only really hearing from the most vocal members of your organisation or group? Magic happens when you align individual’s differences in thinking, their secret sauce, using the Wheel of Innovation. It is an eye-opening, mind-changing and group-transforming experience.

In this high-impact workshop you will:

  • learn the secret of the Wheel of Innovation and how thinking really works
  • reveal individuals’ thinking and understand why, where and how it fits in the Wheel of Innovation
  • re-think how your group approaches its work and reengineer the approach in accordance with tried and tested wisdom
  • practice realising the full innovative potential of your group

“I have yet to find a more practical, immediate, and applicable set of tools as those in MindTime’s toolbox.
Starting with the Golden Thought, “Everyone has value to bring.”
– Harry Weekes, Head of School
The Sage School, Hailey, Idaho, U.S.

Our 4 step process:

  1. Learn how innovation works and how different thinking styles impact innovation
  2. Map individuals’ thinking using either Satori Cards or the online MindTime Survey
  3. Explore through exercises how to use thinking in the most innovative way (Walt Disney used this method)
  4. Practice how to integrate this method into your everyday work flows to make it stick!

The result:

  • alignment of your group or organisation around one shared understanding
  • confidence in each other’s role in innovation
  • new levels of interpersonal trust and respect
  • improved resonance and cohesion across your team
  • improved communication practices (and they continue getting better)
  • a clear map of potential challenges and how they can be negotiated successfully

We offer Innovation Workshops:

  • In person at your location, or
  • Via webinar

Contact us to organise a workshop for your organisation or startup.

 An Innovation Workshop typically last between 4-6 hours.
Workshops, which are each designed to address your specific issue(s), vary in length.

Each Innovation Workshop can have a maximum of 15 participants.

Please contact us for fees, they vary on corporate status and location.

Case Study: Flashpoint Communications

A well-established boutique PR company was facing a bit of a creative crisis. The three founders, entrepreneurs at heart, found themselves being relied on by their team, writers and client relations managers by nature, to be the creative engines and idea generators for the whole firm. This left the founders feeling exhausted and overly relied on. Conversely, the team was feeling frustrated by their inability to innovate solutions as a team without the leadership (and dominant voice) of the founders..

““Thanks for the eye opening session. The team is energised by all the discovery that occurred. We are already practicing being mindful of our mindset(s).”

Jennifer Colton, Co-founder
FlashPoint Communications, San Francisco, U.S.

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