Meta Cognition, Deep Thinking and Creativity

In this well developed and clearly written blog article, Dr. Jamie Schwandt takes a look at deep thinking skills and creativity. He provides the reader with thought exercises and suggestions and lots of good reference materials.

I would encourage anyone, who wants to develop higher levels of personal effectiveness, to read this article. However, to access the vastly greater power of true metacognition and get an understanding of the very forces at work in your thinking, then you will need to look further.

You’ll need to look beyond your thinking habits or strategies – referred to by Schwandt as reflective or deep thinking – to the very nature of thought itself, Time.

MindTime is the only scientifically validated theory of mind that provides a metacognitive framework to understand individual, group and cultural meta thought. It is very accurate and highly predictive.

Try it here: MindTime survey. It only takes 60 seconds to complete.

This theory has been developed during the past 23 years by our team of ultra-deep thinkers, scientists, designers and technologists.  Their work has produced both the science and the technologies to visualise and access this new realm of insight and understanding into human thinking and metacognition.