Know yourself – Plato

There has never been a time when knowing yourself and digging into your capacity for excellence has been more necessary.

Are you home alone; managing a household full of chaos; trying to define your new working space; attempting to home school and entertain children; or, dealing with a spouse you’ve not seen in daylight hours for a quarter of a century? These have become household norms in just a few weeks.

The MindTime Foundation is committed, as it has been since its inception, to helping people understand people.

Of all of the things affected by the current global crisis, our minds and our psychology and behaviours are perhaps the ones most impacted at the very personal level. Our personal differences can become overwhelming as we each try to deal with our own mental needs and those of the people we are confined with.

We are being asked to work from home. This not only creates its own chaos around our home life, many of us with children, and our relationships, but it also hugely impacts how we engage and collaborate with our colleagues. Now more than ever, we need simple, universally shared tools and practical strategies to help us understand each other and navigate these days and weeks to come.

For 25 years a collaboration of thinkers, writers, scientists, designers, psychologists and engineers have contributed to an idea called the MindTime Project. We’ve been working on the most revolutionary framework of human insight yet discovered. The MindTime Theory is peer reviewed and well-published. It’s easy for anyone to grasp and apply to daily life, and it has proven itself to have been hugely successful in real world applications for over 20 years. 100,000s of people have used it in 9 languages around the world and in hundreds of organisations.

We want to help those people who are trying to figure things out right now; trying to make sense of their thoughts and put them to productive use; trying to make sense of their relationships and the needs of those around them; and, trying to lessen the negative impact of all of this on their life. To this end, we have developed new material in the hope it can help you right now. We’ve devised strategies to understand and use your thinking in the current situation and strategies for dealing with others and the differences you have with them.

If you find value and meaning in what we are doing, please support us in our efforts to help people understand and find value in each other. You can do this by purchasing one of our publications or by making a donation.

This world of ours is changing very rapidly, however, it will stabilise and this human tragedy will come to an end. We will make the best of it by working together and in support of one another. We will manifest our solidarity through our collective actions and by using our thinking together to solve our problems. It is time for the great human collaboration.

I invite you reading this letter, to step in and step up. Learn about yourself and learn to put your best foot forward with courage, for all of our sakes.

In support of your greatness,

John Furey
Founder, The MindTime Project