MindTime: a way of looking at human behavior through the lens of time

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Agile Coach and Product Manager Chris Gagné introduces MindTime on his blog. One of the things we liked was his examples of MindTime from daily life: Coca-Cola is a “past” brand and Pepsi is a “future” brand Hope is a “future” word, tradition is a “past” word Republicans are generally past-thinking (“Make America Great [...]

Virgin Entrepreneur Blog: How start-ups are using algorithms to help them hire smarter

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In his article "How start-ups are using algorithms to help them hire smarter" on Virgin Entrepreneur, Rich McEachran discusses how various startups use algorithms to support human resources activities. Tai Alegbe, co-founder of Baacco, a service connecting consumers to speciality wine merchants, says he uses MindTime when recruiting: "Our approach to bringing talent on board is [...]

MindTime as a Player-Type Framework

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Zen Trenholm wrote an article about using MindTime as a player-type framework on Yu-kai Chou's blog (Yu-Kai was voted Gamification Guru of the year by peers and clients in 2014 and 2015). Building on Octalysis, Yu-kai Chou's Gamification framework, Trenholm compares each of the Octalysis drives to the thinking styles presented in MindTime. He concludes: An [...]

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