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Reveal your archetype

Start your journey by getting Satori Cards and revealing your MindTime archetype.

You use your thinking in every moment of everyday. But, do you understand it or is it simply leading you?

Everything you do begins with a thought. Satori Cards are a simple tool that helps people understand people. It’s designed as a game that reveals everyone’s thinking and how our thinking shapes our individual differences. When you play with Satori Cards, you’ll discover your MindTime archetype: how your relationship with time drives your every thought, which in turn drives your action.

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Understand your archetype

Free Archetype Summaries

  • A practical summary of your way of thinking

  • Your most important strength and growth opportunity

  • Our suggested Dos & Don’ts

  • In Flow: How you are in the world

  • Wisdom: What you bring to the world

  • Perception: How you see the world

  • How your archetype relates in love with every archetype

  • Your role in collaboration and insights into every other archetype’s role

We’ve also included 10 quick-reference Archetype cards in every Satori Cards deck so that you’ll always have them with you when you play the game.

Premium archetype profiles

Discover how to maximize your archetype’s potential. MindTime’s Premium Archetype Profiles offer over 30 pages of science-backed insights for a single archetype. They include the key insights that the archetype needs when relating, collaborating, and innovating with every archetype. You can purchase single profiles, a complete library for your personal use, and even a complete royalty-free library for sharing professionally.

A guide to your thinking
  • How are you thinking?

  • How you make decisions

  • How you learn best

  • Communicating with others

  • Tapping into your full potential

The link to your emotions
  • How are you feeling?

  • Love and romance

  • Your flow

  • Things that make you go “Ouch!”

  • Time for Growth?

Premium Archetype Profile

  • For personal, non-commercial use.
  • Interested in a commercial license? Contact us for more information.
Browse Profiles

Premium 10-Archetype Collection

  • For personal, non-commercial use.
  • Interested in a commercial license? Contact us for more information.

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100% of the proceeds from your purchase goes to the mindtime foundation, a Dutch non-profit.

Transform Your Life

Once you’ve understood your archetype apply the insights to every moment of your life.


Use MindTime to catalyze your personal growth, improve your relationships, and collaborate better at work.

Understand Yourself


Use MindTime to help your clients succeed individually, in relationship, and in collaboration.

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