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How MindTime® Works

Everything we do begins with a thought

. . . and there are three priorities that shape your thinking,
and everything you do and feel.

Everyone has a unique point of view which is formed by their blend of the three foundational priorities of mind:

Certainty – what we can derive from the Past
Probability – what we can improve in the Present
Possibility – what we can imagine for the Future

The result of this blending of priorities is a person’s thinking style. It defines the value each of us brings to every aspect of our lives. It is what motivates us and shapes our personalities. It is also at the root of most of our differences in how we each think. Here is the story of these three priorities.

Your unique point of view is a blend of these essential priorities.

We each blend the three perspectives of time, that’s how we become different from one another in our thinking and therefore our behaviour. Whether you lead with one perspective, blend two, or equally blend all three, all possible points of view are a blend of the same 3 dimension of time.

These blends can be understood most easily as the 10 MindTime Archetypes. Each one highlights a specific possible combination of the 3 primary priorities of mind: Certainty-Past, Probability-Present, and Possibility-Future. These 3 priorities motivate all thought and shape all behaviour.

Each of us lives with a kind of pressing issue, a way we want to lead our lives, a particular way of being in the world that is more important to us than all other things. It is our way of thinking. It defines who we will get along with, what we love to do, what we pursue and how we think about things and then act. It is a liberating experience to understand oneself at this level.

No archetype is better than another. Everyone has value to bring.

Each archetype has strengths and weaknesses, and each will be better-suited or worse-suited for a given role. For instance, The Visionary (Future-thinker) may do a wonderful job of coming up with exciting new ideas, but they’ll need to rely heavily on Truth-Seekers (Past-thinkers) to validate those ideas and on Organisers (Present-thinkers) to make those ideas real and tangible. For everyone, understanding how to each archetype contributes and how to relate to these very different thinking styles is crucial to success.


Mindfulness for individuals

Satori Cards, the newly released self exploration game created by the MindTime Foundation, come with the tools and guides to help you explore and reveal your inner world of thought. Whether you use the rich experience of Satori Cards, or the fast 4-minute MindTime Survey, both are based on the groundbreaking MindTime framework of human thinking.

There is never a time when knowing yourself is not useful.

“Know thyself.” – Plato.

Understand Yourself

Breakthrough tools for coaches

Satori Cards and the MindTime Survey are used by professionals engaged in life, relationship, executive, business and team coaching and training. These tools reveal and provide powerful insights into the source of human motivation and people’s diversity and differences in thoughts and behaviours.
Satori Cards are a newly launched analogue game of exploration and insight for all coaching situations. They provide a rich understanding of people’s motivations, needs, communication style, learning style and behaviour, all based on the scientifically validated and published MindTime framework.

Empower Your Clients
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