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How to engage us

What we do, how we do it, and how you can reach us.

Public speaking

John Furey, the founder of the MindTime Foundation, brings 20+ years of experience and insight to address what he believes is the central issue we deal with everyday of our lives. How we think and how our thinking creates our differences. His examples, engagement style and anecdotes bring to life how we all navigate the world every day. With simple steps and a great deal of clarity he opens up the world of thinking to audience members revealing their own thinking at work as they listen.

To bring John’s thinking and engaging presentation style to your audience, please contact us. We’d love to share more details, videos and explore possible angles of approach with you. 

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Social impact

One of the main goals of the MindTime Foundation is our social impact; to further our mission of providing a universal language to help people understand themselves and others.

This fall (2017) we’ve been very engaged in the educational world in The Netherlands. After the TEDx talk, John Furey delivered a keynote lecture to the Stadium Generale (300+ attendees), at the University of Groningen. This was followed by a Masterclass for students only (sold out at 30). A further 3 Studium lectures are in the planning stages.

To watch John’s lecture, click on the image. For all enquiries regarding how we might bring MindTime to you and your organisation, please contact us.

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To achieve mastery we do not need to learn a lot, we need to learn one thing profoundly. What we need to learn is the one central thing that all others things are a part of, the overarching concept at work.  MindTime Master Classes take participants on a journey into the nature of their own thoughts and perceptions, revealing the very mechanisms of human thought.

To ride a bicycle we do not need to learn how to steer or how to peddle, both of those are learnt as a part of achieving the real goal, how to balance on a bicycle. We use both the energy of our pedaling and the wobbles of our steering to keep our balance as we learn. Mastery in MindTime is about learning how to see people’s differences within the framework of time. Each person’s thinking is trying to go somewhere, achieve something that is important to them, to satisfy their needs. Seeing how people move in time allows us to anticipate differences, better engage and clearly communicate our own point of view without the unnecessary clashes that can occur when we simply don’t know.

You will gain a fluency in the principles of MindTime, and begin your own journey of mastery.

Immediate take aways? You will learn:

  • what shapes people’s points of view and how to listen to them
  • how to use Satori cards to identify your own and other people’s thinking style
  • how to use Satori cards in different situations to reveal thinking at work
  • the basic principles of MindTime thinking that support a healthy use of this framework

Want to learn how to achieve mastery in using MindTime? Let us know and we will let you know when there is a class coming near you.

Find a Masterclass

MindTime Master Classes are facilitated by John Furey. It is our goal to add many new names of masters to this page in the months and years to come. A founding principle of the MindTime foundation is to create a universal language to help people understand people. Without teachers there is no lesson. Our approach is simple. We believe that a person who can properly demonstrate the ability to help others see their own thinking at work has achieved mastery of the basic principles and the ability to convey them to another person. Thus they have achieved a foundational mastery of MindTime. If they wish to then master the use of MindTime in specific contexts such as collaboration, team building, hiring or coaching, we can provide a training that will build that knowledge and skill set.