How to engage us

Our committed focus

We offer a variety of workshops, masterclasses and public and educational speaking opportunities for you to bring MindTime to your group, organisation or audience. Our focus is always to explore, in the format appropriate and in accordance with our client’s wishes and goals, the impact, operation and implications of people’s thinking and how to enhance its value for everyone.

To bring John’s thinking and engaging presentation style to your team, group, organisation or audience, please contact us. We’d love to share more details, videos and explore possible angles of approach with you.

Public speaking

John Furey, the founder of the MindTime Foundation, brings 20+ years of experience and insight to address what he believes is the central issue we deal with everyday of our lives. How we think and how our thinking creates our differences. His examples, engagement style and anecdotes bring to life how we all navigate the world every day. With simple steps and a great deal of clarity he opens up the world of thinking to audience members revealing their own thinking at work as they listen.

Educational Lectures

One of the main goals of the MindTime Foundation is our social impact; to further our mission of providing a universal language to help people understand themselves and others.

In the Fall of 2017, we engaged the educational world in The Netherlands. John Furey’s TEDx talk was followed by a lecture to a packed house for the Stadium Generale (300+ attendees), at the University of Groningen. Next came a completely sold-out Masterclass for RUG students. 2018 has also gotten off to a busy start in education and local organisations, including keynoting the Hanze University Honours Students on Honours Day, a special class for De Broekriem (a not for profit set up to help the unemployed), and many private workshops and talks to local businesses.

To watch John’s lecture, click on the image. For all enquiries regarding how we might bring MindTime and John’s insightful use of this powerful framework to your organisation, please contact us.