Do you notice the silence? Is it disturbing to you?

Our world has become so noisy that when there is silence, as there is on the streets and in skies of our world today, it seems unnatural, odd and unsettling. But, silence is the true nature of things, the noise is the cacophony we created and call life, today.

If you can bear to take a minute (or 20) to simple sit and listen to this seemingly unnatural thing which is the most natural thing you’ve ever experience.

Sit and listen to the sounds that our normal world has crowded out. Attune your ears to the subtle sounds of birds singing, people speaking, air moving, trees (if you have any around) rustling. Just stop your thoughts for just one precious minute and notice what happens when you hear what is actually happening around you rather than what is happening in your mind. Be selfish for a few minutes ever day right now, and find a place to be silent. It might not be easy, however, I believe it is good for us all.