Do you Have a Da Vinci mind?

Once again, researchers and academics explain away a set of psychological traits as ADHD. This time it’s no less than Leonardo Da Vinci being popped into a psychological cubby hole.

In this expert quote filled article about Leonardo’s tendency to: procrastinate; leave things unfinished; be disorganized; be highly creative in his thinking; and generally be unreliable, the author unfortunately does not reach beyond the safety of academic opinion to see if there might have been a different reason for Leonardo’s behavior.

Those of you who know MindTime will get a kick out of this piece as it perfectly describes Future thinking. Those of you who behave like Leonardo and haven’t yet done so, you may want to take the MindTime survey. It’s free and has 20 years of scientific research behind it. Not that the experts seem to have noticed yet.

Credit: Hutton archive. Getty Images.