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The Dynamics of Group Excellence


Where would you rate your team on a scale from 1-10 on synergy and flow, the result of well-orchestrated collaboration? Achieving excellence in teams and groups is about understanding the drivers of group dynamics. Human thinking. Teams with high collaborative intelligence know how to harness their thinking and put it to good use. The result is levels of synergy and flow, and you can feel it. Do you?

In this high-impact workshop you will:

  • learn what is driving many of the dynamics experienced individually and as a team
  • build individual and group empathy and develop powerful collaborative skills to close the gaps in communication and understanding
  • begin the rewiring of your ‘group think’ to harness everybody’s genius in high functioning collaboration

“I tend to be a skeptic. I’ve attended lots of collaboration/team-building workshops.
But this got my attention like none other. It nails people’s work styles and the group dynamics.
Fast, accurate, predictive, prescriptive and most importantly for me as a COO, actionable! This I recommend for any company.”
– Scott Geary, COO
Better Energy Systems, Berkeley CA, U.S.

Our 4 step process:

  1. Reveal individual and collective thinking at work
  2. Explain and explore how individual thinking contributes to whole thinking, collaborative thinking
  3. Practice developing literacy and fluency in using the MindTime framework as a shared language
  4. Adopt. You learn how to integrate the MindTime method into your everyday work and make it stick!

The result:

  • a new way of thinking together that leverages the full collaborative potential in your team
  • increased individual empathy, confidence and belonging, the key to team happiness
  • clearly understand each other’s role in the collaborative effort
  • improved communication practices (and they continue getting better)
  • a clear map of potential team/group dynamic challenges and how to negotiate them successfully

We offer Collaboration Workshops:

  • In person at your location, or
  • Via webinar

Contact us to organise a workshop for your organisation or startup.

A Collaboration Workshop typically last 6 hours. However, group size and customisation of workshops can vary their length.

A Collaboration Workshop can have a maximum of 15 participants. Please contact us for fees, they vary on corporate status and location.

Case Study: The Sage School

I have yet to find a more practical, immediate, and applicable set of tools as those in MindTime’s toolbox. Starting with the Golden Thought, “Everyone has value to bring.” This one short phrase became a part of nearly everything we did whether it was arguing the rules of tag, discussing the Cold War, or talking about the Math curriculum. It offered a pause, a concrete reference point, and then a direction. This really was a navigation system for thinking.

Having MindTime integrated into our curriculum, integrated into our school, and most importantly, integrated into our thinking was essential to our year. I hope these concepts take root, especially in schools, where understanding one’s own thought processes, and how best to work with the diversity of other thinkers, is fundamental to success. The more we can start building these skills in students, the sooner they will be able to adapt and apply them to the world at large.

Harry Weekes, Head of School
The Sage School, Hailey, Idaho, U.S.

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