MindTime® at TEDx Groningen

How TEDx participants voted on key issues

During the run up to TEDx Groningen in October 2017, we asked attendees to participate in a small experiment.
Our intention was to try to show how MindTime’s framework of thinking can be used to predict people’s opinions about everyday and important issues.

10 statements were presented to participants using The Thinker bot, a smart bot developed by Bossers & Cnossen in Groningen, on Spark, Cisco’s integrated communication platform, using MindTime’s core API technology.

The Thermo Maps™ on this page show how people responded to the survey based on their thinking style, a combination of the 3 primary priorities of all thinking, Past (Certainty), Present (Stability), and Future (Possibility).

The MindTime Foundation licenses its technologies and intellectual property in furtherance of its mission, to provide a universal framework to help people understand people and thrive.

If you weren’t able to try out the Thinker Bot on Spark before the TEDx event, you can still take the MindTime profile and learn about your thinking style.

Take the Profile

The results

While each of our brains is wired differently, all are motivated by three simple priorities:

  • Past – Certainty: movement towards knowing things by slowing down and reasoning them out carefully
  • Present – Probability: movement towards creating stability, order and predictability by controlling things
  • Future – Possibility: movement towards opportunity by quickly taking advantage of changes that life’s movement and time’s passing generates

Past, Present and Future create the mind-field of human thinking and determine how we each move in our thoughts and actions.

Everything we do begins with a thought.