Brands appeal to thinking styles

Just a little bit of knowledge about MindTime can show you how and why we perceive messages the way we do and how they motivate us to action. This can lead to some fun if sometimes disturbing insights about the way brands appeal to your individual thinking style.

Do experts really know how to target your deepest motivations? Of course they do! They may not always understand why these things work, unless they’ve taken some time to study MindTime, however, there are decades of market research and consumer data that they rely on to tell them what is more likely to work when reaching into consumer minds.

In this example, spotted, photographed and sent to us by Chris Gagne, Agile coach and a MindTime fan in San Francisco, the brand is clearly appealing to ‘the ones who get it done’, the Present thinkers. Spot on appeal. Bound to resonate and create a sense of pride.

Nicely spotted, Chris! Do you have an example of an advertiser trying to create brand resonance? Send it along to me, I’d love to showcase your example in this blog.