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The MindTime Blog

A voice of understanding

Know yourself – Plato

There has never been a time when knowing yourself and digging into your capacity for excellence has been more necessary.

Are you home alone; managing a household full of chaos; trying to define your new working space; attempting to home school and entertain children; […]

Do you notice the silence? Is it disturbing to you?

Our world has become so noisy that when there is silence, as there is on the streets and in skies of our world today, it seems unnatural, odd and unsettling. But, silence is the true nature […]

Decrease friction and conflict in relationships, right now

Where is your energy going? The differences you have with others?

“Working from home with your partner might be fun for […]

Finding it hard to make sense of all of this? It could have to do with your ability to abstract your situation.

There are minds that create abstraction and there are minds that bring it down to earth. The practical thinker is the […]

There’s no such thing as introversion and extroversion

Here’s another one of those curious articles about personality and psychology that keep popping up all over the place in major news outlets these days.

This one is from Inc. magazine that recently published an article titled, “There is no such thing […]

Beyond the cult of personality (and personality tests)

Personality tests describe your behavioral traits (in general) and rarely will they tell you something you didn’t already know.

Beyond personality, behind personality and before personality, are the motivating mechanisms that create your personality. The theory of MindTime—scientifically researched, peer reviewed and […]

Artificial Intelligence, Human Thinking

It depends how you look at it

What happens when two public figures weigh in on a controversial issue? It’s thinking diversity write large!

In July of 2017, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, and Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, clashed on twitter over their differing […]

MindTime® at TEDx Groningen

How TEDx participants voted on key issues During the run up to TEDx Groningen in October 2017, we asked attendees to participate in a small experiment.
Our intention was to try to show how MindTime’s framework of thinking can be used […]

MindTime as a Player-Type Framework

Zen Trenholm wrote an article about using MindTime as a player-type framework on Yu-kai Chou’s blog (Yu-Kai was voted Gamification Guru of the year by peers and clients in 2014 and 2015). Building on Octalysis, Yu-kai Chou’s Gamification framework, Trenholm compares each of the […]

Brands appeal to thinking styles

Just a little bit of knowledge about MindTime can show you how and why we perceive messages the way we do and how they motivate us to action. This can lead to some fun if sometimes disturbing insights about the way brands appeal to […]