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Finding it hard to make sense of all of this? It could have to do with your ability to abstract your situation. There are minds that create abstraction and there are minds that bring it down to earth. The practical thinker is the one who brings solutions and knowledge [...]

Know yourself – Plato

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Know yourself - Plato There has never been a time when knowing yourself and digging into your capacity for excellence has been more necessary. Are you home alone; managing a household full of chaos; trying to define your new working space; attempting to home school and entertain children; or, dealing with a [...]

The danger of false optimism, the shadow side of the Future thinking style

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The danger of false optimism, the shadow side of the Future thinking style Full disclosure. I am a born optimist. We’re usually quite taken by people who can display optimism in the face of adversity. And yet, today I read on the home page of CNN, “US hits a grim new record [...]

Do you have a Da Vinci mind?

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Do you Have a Da Vinci mind? https://edition.cnn.com/style/article/leonardo-da-vinci-adhd-scli-intl/index.html Once again, researchers and academics explain away a set of psychological traits as ADHD. This time it’s no less than Leonardo Da Vinci being popped into a psychological cubby hole. In this expert quote filled article about Leonardo’s tendency to: procrastinate; leave things unfinished; [...]

Financial Mapping

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Financial Mapping Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Cras auctor nisl mauris, eget volutpat est tincidunt dignissim. Fusce aliquam lorem vitae ex finibus, in eleifend velit eleifend. Duis dictum diam erat, eget sodales orci sodales quis. Cras a fringilla tortor. Aliquam tristique nibh libero, a consequat tellus blandit [...]

Beyond the cult of personality (and personality tests)

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Beyond the cult of personality (and personality tests) Personality tests describe your behavioral traits (in general) and rarely will they tell you something you didn’t already know. Beyond personality, behind personality and before personality, are the motivating mechanisms that create your personality. The theory of MindTime—scientifically researched, peer reviewed and published—promises to [...]

There’s no such thing as introversion and extroversion

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There's no such thing as introversion and extroversion Here's another one of those curious articles about personality and psychology that keep popping up all over the place in major news outlets these days. This one is from Inc. magazine that recently published an article titled, "There is no such thing as Introversion [...]

Brands appeal to thinking styles

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Brands appeal to thinking styles Just a little bit of knowledge about MindTime can show you how and why we perceive messages the way we do and how they motivate us to action. This can lead to some fun if sometimes disturbing insights about the way brands appeal to your individual thinking [...]

Meta Cognition, Deep Thinking and Creativity

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Meta Cognition, Deep Thinking and Creativity In this well developed and clearly written blog article, Dr. Jamie Schwandt takes a look at deep thinking skills and creativity. He provides the reader with thought exercises and suggestions and lots of good reference materials. http://www.lifehack.org/624692/the-power-of-deep-thinking-essence-of-creativity?ref=featured_article I would encourage anyone, who wants to develop higher [...]