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Understand people better

A simple human framework,
a world of possible uses

Over 250,000 people have benefited from MindTime


MindTime will completely change how you understand yourself and the value your uniqueness brings, improving your life and all relationships.

“Know thyself.” Plato.

Understand Yourself


A new generation of coaching tools is here. Put MindTime to work in Life, Relationship and Team Coaching. This powerful tool takes you beyond personality to the source of human motivation and people’s differences.



Turn individual differences into powerful assets. Supercharge teams and collaborative innovation by understanding how thinking works. Map your organisation as a thinking system, it will totally change your understanding of how it really works.

Transform Your Organisation

The MindTime Foundation’s mission is to help
people understand people and thrive together.

We do this by sustainably promoting the MindTime theory and tools.

Satori Cards reveal human thinking
and show how to use if more effectively

By playing this card game you will understand yourself, friends, loved ones, and collaborative teams better.

You will discover:

  • how and why each person is different
  • how they bring value with their differences
  • how to better navigate people’s differences in all aspects of your life
  • how to work together more collaboratively using the Wheel of Thought™
  • powerful new insights into yourself, friends, your boss, partner, parents and everyone else
  • what kinds of things you’re naturally good at and what you’re challenged by
  • how to listen to people’s different points of view and so communication better with them

Each deck of Satori Cards contains all of the tools, instructions, and knowledge you need to reveal and successfully navigate people’s differences by using human thinking more effectively.

Join over 250,000 people who have discovered how they think with MindTime.

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100% of the proceeds from Satori Cards sales go to the MindTime Foundation, a Dutch non-profit.