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MindTime® helps people

understand people and thrive.

The MindTime Foundation’s mission is to help humankind by improving understanding and empathy between people.

We do this by sustainably promoting the MindTime theory and tools.

Everything we do begins with a thought.

Three fundamental motivating priorities shape everything about the way we think and behave.

There are ten MindTime Archetypes which result from the blending of these three priorities of mind.

MindTime Archetypes are scientifically proven to be highly predictive, easy to understand, and simple to adopt.

Reveal your MindTime Archetype with Satori cards.

Simply by playing a card game—whether by yourself, with a loved one, or your whole team—you will discover your archetype and gain greater insight into:

  • yourself, friends, your boss, parents and everyone else
  • what you’re good at and what you’re challenged by
  • how to improve your understanding and communication with others
  • what you contribute of deep value in life and how to play to your strengths
  • how to understand and better navigate people’s differences in all aspects of your life

Each Satori Box contains the map, knowledge, and tools to reveal and better navigate our differences by using our thinking more effectively.

Join over 250,000 people who have discovered their MindTime Archetype.

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100% of the proceeds from Satori Box sales go to the mindtime foundation, a Dutch non-profit.

MindTime is universally useful


Use MindTime to catalyze your personal growth, improve your relationships, and collaborate better at work.

Understand Yourself


Use MindTime to help your clients succeed individually, in relationship, and in collaboration.



Use MindTime to improve the performance of cross-functional teams, communicate internally more effectively, build the right product, and market your product most effectively.

Transform Your Organisation

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