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For You

Your mind is your greatest asset. You are dealt this hand, uncovering the genius in it is your mission. Learn how to create success in work, life, and relationships. Through understanding your unique abilities and knowing how to use them, you can play your winning hand and change your life.

For your Team

Everyone has value to bring. Learning to recognise the unique way each person contributes helps teams flourish. Every team can benefit from knowing how to collaborate and innovate better; great teams are built on purpose, alignment, and sharing openness, trust, and respect.

For Humankind

MindTime is a universal language to help people understand people. It works across cultures and languages. It is simple to adopt and has been tested over 20 years and translated into seven languages. Our vision is to help humanity see that individual differences bring collective strengths.

Our Workshops

Our physical space in Groningen, Holland is the epicentre of MindTime activity.

We conduct labs throughout Europe on request and special open Discovery Labs webcasts from our Groningen centre.

Innovation Labs

Do you have a clear road map to create innovation or are you just hoping for the best? Innovation is a definable process; it is the outcome of consciously designing teams and organisations based on integrating each person’s differences in thinking style into the whole. Our Innovation Lab is an eye-opening, mind-changing and group-transforming experience.



Solution Labs

In business as in life, you make the most out of the cards you're dealt; because people have unique differences they can often be seen as the wild card in the deck. Our Solution Lab workshops quickly reveal what is behind most people’s differences in style, communication and contribution. Participants learn how to identify and value individual differences and develop abilities to work with them. The outcome is a new way to communicate as a group and increased confidence to tackle challenges together.

Collaboration Labs

When a team is working at optimal performance you can feel the effect. It's energising—everything flows; problems are quickly solved and real progress gets made. While most of us have had this experience at one time or another, how many can reliably reproduce it? Our Collaboration Lab workshop reveals the fundamentals of effective teams; teams that are highly aligned, effective, and communicate openly. Turn individual differences into collective strengths and learn how to orchestrate exceptional collaboration and lead satisfied teams.


What People Say about MindTime

I highly recommend both the MindTime approach to understanding people as well as the experience of working with them.

— Tim Llewellyn
CEO nViso SA

Jason Burnham —
Principle for Innovation, Strativity

My understanding of MindTime helps me every day with how I interact with people, both personally and professionally.

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Our Mission

Our Tools

Our Science

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise people’s awareness of the unique strengths and gifts that each individual brings to the world through the theory of MindTime.

We accomplish our mission directly through our workshops and labs, webcasts, public speaking, and social media engagement.

We are a social impact initiative that blends economic sustainability with positive social impact values. We seek to build value-chain-based economic networks to leverage this new understanding.

Through an open innovation business strategy, we enable adoption and learning of the theory of MindTime to sustainably provide a global standard to help people understand people and collaborate.

Our Premium Tools

Team & Organisation Mapping

Our advanced mapping tools give you a complete view of your organisation as a thinking system.

Audience Surveys

Our powerful customisable surveys give you the clarity of understanding your audience in an entirely new way.

Custom API

Imagine having the power to understand how people think and to apply that in your own business process or application.

Our Science

The MindTime Project has a long tradition of research, both pure and applied, often in the form of action research. We also have a long tradition of sharing our research data as well as our models and technology.

Our arrangement is simple. We will grant you use of the MindTime index and the technologies we’ve developed, in return you share your research findings and data with us so we can continue to evolve our understanding of MindTime.

We are always keen to collaborate in good science. If you have an interesting project don’t hesitate, contact us.

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