MindTime: the key to unlocking your thinking

MindTime: the key to unlocking your thinking


How will MindTime help me?

MindTime will give you a clear and uncomplicated understanding of why you are the way you are, your strengths, and blind spots. MindTime explains people’s deepest motivations and provides a clear understanding of all of our individual differences in personality and behaviour.

“Worth at least a year of therapy,” said Jeff Saperstein, author, teacher, and leadership coach.

To help you get the best out of MindTime and your Thinking Style we offer free webinars and we’ve developed many short insights-packed videos, which you can view on our YouTube channel. Your entire experience of MindTime will be a lot more fun, interesting and insightful once you’ve taken the MindTime survey . Do it now and get your FREE results report (the survey only takes 3-4 minutes).

If you’re a coach, HR professional, manager, team leader, or organisational leader MindTime might be a game-changer for you. Read lower down on this page.

What about science, are 3 human dynamics better than 16 personalities?

We realise that by saying ‘MindTime: the key to unlocking your thinking’ you may ask yourself on what authority we are presenting this assessment of thinking.

MindTime is built on over 20 years of scientific research and published results in peer-reviewed scientific papers. As you will discover, MindTime is very different from typical personality trait assessments used today (5 Factor Model, MBTI, DISC). MindTime reveals what is behind our personality (and all of those traits), it measures our deepest motivations and needs, just 3 human dynamics explain it all. To understand the difference between MindTime and other measures of individual differences click here.

Check out our new Citizen Science research project, it’s open-to-all, click here.

For professionals

We are developing high-impact, topic-specific, pro-level webinars for coaches, consultants, trainers, and leaders of all kinds. Many hundreds of organisations and leaders have been using MindTime’s tools and methods to unlock people’s thinking, and unleash their potential, for over 25 years.

“I tend to be a skeptic.  I’ve answered dozens of questionnaires and attended numerous ‘collaboration/team building’ workshops over the years.  But this got my attention like none other. It nails people’s work styles and a group’s dynamics.  Fast, accurate, predictive, prescriptive, and most importantly for me as a COO, actionable! This I recommend for any company.”

Scott Geary, COO, Better Energy Systems, Berkeley CA

In the past year, we’ve adopted a webinar-based approach to presenting MindTime. Would you like to join like-minded professionals and explore the many exciting applications of MindTime? Add your name to our Pro Webinar list, you’ll receive notifications of upcoming on-topic webinars.

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Private Group Awareness workshop/webinars

John Furey brings over 25 years of experience facilitating groups using MindTime.

Every team can improve, mostly that improvement will come through increased awareness of each person’s potential to contribute and working/communication style. With his depth of experience using MindTime, John Furey delivers results, and the group experiences a sustained shift in performance and the fun people have.

"[John Furey] provided the tools for us to think beyond the "apparent" to the yet unimagined while instilling the confidence in our team to experiment, take risks, and eliminate constraining barriers of traditional thinking.”

–Scott Foster, Academic vice-president and Provost, Samuel Merritt University, CA, USA

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Who are we?

We are a not-for-profit social impact foundation based in the Netherlands. Our mission is to help people understand people. We do this by offering private and public webinars, online training, group and team awareness experiences, and products such as ebooks, MindTime Cards, and training videos. Through initiatives like our new Citizen Science project, we’re developing a deeper understanding of human thinking and sharing what we learn. If you’d like to learn more about us, click here.

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