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For existing and new teams  •  Virtual or traditional  •  Self-guided or with a coach • Video-based  • Self-paced  • Personal and team insights for all

“I tend to be a skeptic. I’ve answered dozens of questionnaires and attended numerous ‘collaboration/team building’ workshops over the years. But this got my attention like none other. It nails people’s work styles and a group’s dynamics. Fast, accurate, predictive, prescriptive, and most importantly for me as a COO, actionable! This I recommend for any company.”

– Scott Geary, Better Energy Systems, Berkeley, CA

How does MindTime help people?

MindTime gives a clear and uncomplicated understanding of why we are the way we are, our strengths, and our blind spots. MindTime explains people’s deepest motivations and provides a clear understanding of all of our individual differences in personality and behaviour.

In professional settings

You coach and/or manage people. You need to understand who they are, what they bring to the table, and how to engage them. You want to provide people with tools that help them to understand themselves and each other, their communication style, needs, differences, and gifts.

We offer webinar-based workshops and training for professionals. Interested?

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Who are we?

We are a social impact organisation based in the Netherlands. Our mission is to help people understand people. We do this by offering next generation tools, private and public webinars, online training, group and team awareness experiences, and products such as ebooks, MindTime Cards, and training videos.

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