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Take our 18-question Thinking Style assessment below and learn how you and other people think, yes, think. Everything you do begins with a thought. Our ability to think is at the root of our ability to survive, navigate life and work together with our different approaches to create better outcomes. Your thinking defines who you are and how you show up and bring value. The report you will receive in a few minutes has been specifically written to provide you with effective strategies to navigate this time of crisis more easily. We offer it to you, ‘we’ are the MindTime Foundation. It is free, no account or email address necessary (however, we welcome donations!), our mission is to help.

Do you want to know how you think? Simple instructions follow.

Click on the golden bar to indicate the extent to which you agree with the statement.
0% means that you completely disagree with the statement.
100% means that you fully agree with the statement.

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